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Every company is a data company. Data, however, can be both an asset and liability.
What then?


Kaprikorn Co. maps out threats and opportunities hidden in your data and synthesizes an actionable plan that help navigate your business by:

1) actively
mitigating risk
2) continuously optimizing your data strategy 
2) identifying, amplifying, and monetizing your value-drivers 

We call this Applied Business Intelligence™

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Where is the first place you go to when validating information? Guess what. The same is true for those validating you and your company.

Beyond "superficial" metrics, there is tremendous opportunity to tap into
network effects of a wider digital audience (code for "be the cool kid with the best story at the largest business mixer on the planet"). But who's got the time to craft and deploy scalable content for your hot targets?
Hint. It's not you. Kaprikorn can help. 

Together, we’ll develop a content strategy that supercharges your
LinkedIn presence, mines business and recruiting prospects, generates more business leads, and helps you get you in front of investors.

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to name a few...

Brands that trust us.

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Kaprikorn Co. is a boutique, data-first, story-telling studio.

Entrepreneurial leaders + their companies tap Kaprikorn Co. to unlock revenue opportunities in pre-due diligence stages and to aggressively  amplify  their personal and business brand.

Their goal.
Fast-tracking  their outsized revenue ambitions. 

The outcome.




Higher Multiple Exit

1) Applied Business Intelligence™,
2) Analytics-driven Narrative Video
3) Social Influence Programming.

Our why. 
For us...there is nothing more fulfilling than helping a business owner  sell their venture at a premium. Helping them write the end of that story - on their terms - is what drives Kaprikorns

5x revenue 
5 years 



to name a few...

Brands we've worked with

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Show 'em.
Don't tell 'em.

Wow them.

Kaprikorn deploys Hollywood-style narrative storymaking to visually communicate why your story is important to your audience and your best-fit client.

Our goal.
Establishing, framing, and enhancing your brand messaging with video. Then, inspiring your "best fit" prospects and clients to take  action ...tracked and measured against
 key success indicators. 

Why us.
Kaprikorn Co. has been entrusted with both startups and some of the biggest brands  to produce  engaging video content  that tells, sells, and explains products (or stories) across all digital platforms -- and algorithms. 


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Brands that trust us...
Applied Business Intelligence™
Social Influence Programming™
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